Greek Mythology: «Atalanta, Hippomenes, a Footrace and Three Golden Apples».-

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►Greek Mythology:

«Atalanta, Hippomenes,  a Footrace and Three Golden Apples»:


"The Race between Atalanta and Hippomenes" by Nicolas Colombel (1680).- «The Race between Atalanta and Hippomenes» by Nicolas Colombel (1680).-



Atalanta was a great Arkadian huntress and a favourite of the goddess Artemis. Shewas exposed by her father in the wilderness at birth, but was suckled by a she-bear and afterwards found and raised by hunters.

She swore to the goddess to defend her virginity and, when Centaurs burst into her grove, destroyed them with her arrows.

Later she participated in the voyage of the Argonauts, and defeated the hero Peleus in wrestling at the funeral games of King Pelias.

When Meleagros gathered heroes to destroy the Kalydonian Boar, Atalanta joined the hunt and was the first to draw blood.

Meleagros awarded her the prize of the skin, and when his uncles tried to take it from her force, he slew them.

After the Calydonian boar hunt, Atalanta was…

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