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H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

The Storm

Dark clouds roll in the sky like a herd of roaming bisons,

thunderous drums echo a fanfare announcing the storm to arrive

blinding flashes turn the clouds alight and the lightning strikes

with strident claps.

All powerful forces of nature manifest with energy and clamor,

the smell of the storm and its burning peculiar aroma

invade my nostrils and send shivers to my spine,

my hair stand straight by the effect of the ionized air.

O nature I hear you and feel you I do thank you

for providing all the wonderful beauty I adore and more.

Now you grace me by showering me with fresh rain

to bathe my body and soul with purified water that come from heaven

to cleanse my aura once more.

Thank you O nature for completing the cycle of life!

Praised be the One that created you!

Poem and photography © HJ…

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