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H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

I Love my Pets

Every morning when I go out to refill the feeders

I can’t help to think that I have taken the responsibility

to see for those birds as if they were my pets

Whether is raining, windy, snowing, sleeting, I think of them

and worry if I’m being late to fill their feeders

When I have to go on vacation or away in business

I leave a person in charge to do care for them the same.

They have become a very important part in my life,

as much as my home pets that I love so much

The difference is that all birds are considered my pets

while my cats are loved individually.

When I look at them eating their seeds so eagerly and

excited, pleases me to know that I helped them

procure a meal that will nourish and keep the survival

rate up, not…

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