Calm After the Storm


H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

Wednesday at late afternoon we had quite a storm!. It went from being a sunny and bright day into a dark as night under black clouds and subsequently became a tremendous storm, with all elements together: Copious rain, loud thunders and like I’ve never seen before a never ending amount of lightening, the combination of elements shook the house! Not very long after the storm started the electric power went all together. Total darkness and continuos flashes accompanied by explosive thunders. We lost the phone communication and TV also.

After about 20 minutes from the blackout the electric power came back. Television too about 1 hour to reconnect and the phones were dead no line for about 3 hours. Internet was gone for 1/2 hour only.

After the storm was over a normal rain continued.

This morning I had a mess with my feeders, saucers and my deck was a…

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