Greek Mythology: «Myrrha, Adonis and Persephone». (Myths and Interpretation).-


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►Greek Mythology: «Myrrha, Adonis and Persephone»(Myths and Interpretation):


Myrrha «Myhrra assisted by Lucina, the Goddess of Birth» by Jean de Court (1560).



As we know fromthe previous postAdonis, Myrrha’s son, was raised up for both Goddess Persephone and Aphrodite.

Myrrha’s mother (being more precise, Adonis’ grandmother) had said that her daughter Myrrha was even more beautiful than Aphrodite herself . This was taken as offensive by the goddess of Beauty, who took revenge on that.

And in this case she took revenge of Myrrha’s mother by punishing her daughter, cursing Myrrha to fall in love and lust after her father, Cinyras.

Aphrodite appears here as a trouble maker. It is not the first time that she had looked for acknowledgment of her Beauty.

We must keep in mind here the Judgement of Parisin which Aphrodite offered Helen the most beautiful mortal woman, to Prince Paris of Troy…

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