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Simply Words…

Muy hermoso…

H.J. Ruiz - Avian101


Blessed Eternity

They could crush my heart with hard painful words,

sink my pride to the bottom of the swamp and

let me drown in a lake of tears.

Discard my broken carcass into the abyss of solitude

or do what ever they may desire with my body.

But always keep in mind that my

soul remains intact and shielded by my faith

as is my love for what has been mine!

For our souls are eternal an indestructible!

Love will remain active and strong.

Do not fear death, for it is only the transition to

the real life.

We are like a butterfly chrysalid that opens

and our soul emerges to live forever

where there are no walls nor fears…

Just love and justice!

© HJ Ruiz

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